Cheering Section

I grew up playing sports. Soccer for a few years when I was little. Go Grease Lightening! Let’s be honest, that wasn’t my sport at all. Volleyball began in middle school and I loved playing. In high school, I was a tri-athlete for freshmen and sophomore year; playing volleyball, waterpolo and swim team. For junior and senior year, my focus was on waterpolo. Go Cougars!

One of the best parts of playing sports is the excitement and adrenaline you would get from having others cheering you on (at times getting tooooo into it!). It was always great to see my family and friends sitting in the bleachers. My support system. It always made me want to do better during the game. Dig that hard spike that seemed impossible. Make that goal to win the game. Achieve THAT play that would make the entire gym or pool deck go nuts!

I am grateful to have had such a huge cheering section when I played sports.

Jayden is playing basketball this year. Go Dragons! He is sooo good and, most importantly, he is having fun! The games have been exhilarating and downright comical at times. Today was game two of the season and Jayden was impressive. He was more confident in his abilities and really played his position. He plays position “5” mainly; in real basketball terms I believe he plays center. He was getting rebounds and made great passes. He was being silly. Every time he would put the ball back into play to his teammate and head down court, Jayden would leap over the school emblem located at center court. It was hilarious. He was enjoying himself and playing like a rockstar too! It was fun to watch.

Sitting on the gym bleachers next to my parents and Lalo’s family watching and cheering Jayden on made me extremely happy. It took me back to the days when I played sports and what my cheering section meant to me. How important it was to see my family and friends sitting in the bleachers. To have them there supporting me.

I am beyond ecstatic to be apart of Jayden’s cheering section. To feel the excitement when he would get the ball. To laugh watching him leap over the school emblem. To see him smile. To be excited with him and encourage him when he needed it. I know being there and cheering him on means a lot to him.

It meant a lot to me to have my family and friends cheering me on when I played sports.

I cannot wait for the many more sport games both the boys will have. To watch them just like how my family and friends came to watch me. To cheer them on and witness their greatest moments.

To support them.

Be their awesome cheering section!

Case Of The Mondays

Yesterday, I went back to work after being off for a full two weeks. The break from work was amazing, but what surprised me was the feeling of actually being happy to be going back to work. I was sure I would have the case of the Mondays times a million!!

I woke up and made some coffee (even though I didn’t really need it). I picked out my outfit and gathered my gym bag. I put on makeup obv while getting the boys ready for their first day back as well. They were angels too! No whining, not tired at all. I didn’t have to constantly be on them to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush their teeth and gather their things for school. My idea of how this Monday morning was going to go was WAY different than what actually happened.

I thought the morning routine the boys and I have was going to be lost or forgotten!

I was convinced that the boys and I would all wake up as if we all had not slept in 50 years, running late and cranky. Max wouldn’t be able to find his shoes or have a battle with me to wear pants. This kid would wear shorts every day if he had it his way. Jayden would be falling back to sleep and I would have to go wake him up multiple times before he would eventually slide out of bed. I would look like a bridge troll and we would all more than likely not have matching clothes on. On top of it all, it was raining!! If you know me, I dislike rain and definitely never prepared for it.

Yet, it was quite the opposite!

Our routine continued flawlessly as if no one was on a break from work or school at all. No one had the case of the Monday’s. No tantrums. No lost items. Nothing.

Children need and crave routines.

The boys and I have a morning routine. I wake up before them and try to get myself ready as much as possible before I wake them up at 7am. I wake both of them up with good mornings and time to get ups. I go back to finishing getting ready with the frequent check-ins to their progress and answer the most random questions they have for this morning LOL. The boys get up and get themselves dressed. Max typically asks me the weather, but really his question is “can I wear shorts?”. The boys make themselves breakfast, with occasional assistance from me depending on what they want to eat. They eat. They brush their teeth. Put on their shoes. Pick out their snack for the day. Gather their backpacks. And done.

All ready to take on the day!

I know I will miss the days when the boys no longer need me to wake them up. No longer need me to help them with their clothes and shoes. No longer need me to help make them breakfast. No longer have the car rides to school, the goodbye kisses and the “I love you” as they bounce off towards school.

But mornings, like yesterday, make me happy in the routine the boys and I have created. How our mornings are easy and filled with joy and laughter. I think our routines will just evolve as they get older and not disappear entirely. Max will probably still need help finding his shoes on some days. Jayden will probably still need the extra push to get up occasionally. Heck, they might even end up making me breakfast. And the car rides will just turn into goodbye kisses and “I love you” at the door as they venture off to school.

I am okay with that.

Two Weeks

Two weeks. For two weeks I disconnected from social media. I logged out of my accounts and took a little breather from it all. I know two weeks does not seem like a long time, but it is. They say it only takes two weeks of doing something to make it a habit. After a mere two weeks you can start or quit anything. I am not too sure if I agree with that or not. I would say that definitely continuing something new or quitting something would become easier at the two week mark.

It was nice to disconnect for a while. To breathe. To not wake up and check Instagram or Facebook as if it is my morning newspaper. To not have my face in a screen and thumb scrolling.

What I did miss is posting photos of my family and, not going to lie, selfies! #noshame #idontdothismakeupfornothing

It was nice to take a breather and spend my time elsewhere. It’s good for the mind. It’s good to focus on yourself and your life. What you have and not <insert name> from high school or internet-land person’s life.

Life is beautiful. Take the time to enjoy those around you. The ones literally next to you and not the people in the screen. Life isn’t about the amount of likes you get nor how many followers you have. It’s about the life you build with the ones you love.

Focus on you, the physical you, for a while.

Focus on family, the ones who actually know who you are.

Focus on real, not the persona portrayed on social media.

Do you like yourself still? Like the life you really have?

I do.


Being around kids makes you remember how exciting little things in life can be. Everyone likes candy. Kids love candy.

The kids had a sleepover slumber party with their cousins tonight. They were all playing in Max’s room after dinner. Lalo and I were in the living room picking out which movie for all of us to watch. We decided on the LEGO Batman Movie πŸ¦‡

We could hear all the kids laughing and talking in the other room. It is amazing that they love each other and love hanging out altogether. We were so happy to have been eavesdropping at this exact moment to capture the excitement and comedy that unfolded.

Jayden is taunting Charlie saying “I am gonna get you” and John is telling Charlie to hide under the bed. Charlie shrieks and giggles. They all laugh. I guess, she did end up going under the bed since her blanket was, thankfully, found under there. You never know true anxiety until you are looking for a 3 year old’s baby blanket and cannot find it anywhere; all while she is following you around the house getting more and MORE concerned about her missing treasure.

Jayden continues and appears to be trying to get Charlie to come out hiding. Asking where she is and telling her that he was going to get her. John and Max are chiming in asking where, oh where, can she be – as if they had nooooo idea.

Jayden then says “Charlie, I have candy”.

Charlie instantly yells with excitement: “CANDY!!”

All the boys begin to laugh again because clearly Charlie has sprung out of hiding. Charlie begins to giggle and in her little high pitched voice begins to tell them what her favorite candy is.

And just like that, the topic was candy. The kinds they liked, the kinds they didn’t like.

It’s the little things that make us happy. The little things that make us excited. Like candy was for these four.

For me, these little moments the kids have with their cousins is exciting and priceless. Not to mention hilarious!

That’s My Mom!

Interesting comment I received on my latest post “The Look”.

Clearly the person holds resentment towards stepmothers. Maybe they are someone who is jealous of the bond their children have with another person? Maybe they feel threatened? Maybe they want their ex back? Whatever their personal issues are towards stepparents or even issues directly with me, this person was compelled to comment.

I was provided the definition of a stepmother which is:

a woman who is married to one’s father after the divorce of one’s parents or the death of one’s mother.

I appreciated the vocabulary lesson, however, the question that came next.. let’s just say it make me laugh at how ignorant this person is.

Their question: “You’re not married, so how the fuck are you a stepmother????”


So apparently in this brilliant person’s mind, you cannot be a stepmother unless you are married…like marriage (a piece of paper in my opinion) MAGICALLY makes you a step parent.

A stepmother is a woman who cares for a child or children as if they are their own when they are not biologically theirs. They love them. They teach them. They care for them. They parent and guide them in life. They protect them. They are the MOTHER FIGURE in that half of the child’s family.

All I know is I am a GREAT stepmother. I do not have to married to the children’s father to be considered their mom. I did not have to physically give them life to be considered their mom either.

The β€œLook”

Seeing this made me laugh because of the utter truth it resonated for me. My mom has a look, to this day, that tells me to stop and REALLY think if what I am doing should be continued. It’s the “oh shit, mom means business look”.

I think this “look” has been lost with kids nowadays.

So many times, I am out and see kids acting up and their parents struggling with them and think “wow, by now, my mom would have just looked at me and I would have straightened up real quick”.

This “look” is oddly not mean in any way. It is more about respect. Respect for your parents. Respect to listen to them when they tell you something. They are the parent.

Being a step-mother makes having “a look” a little more challenging, however, not impossible. The solid relationship and respect you build with them is crucial. You do not have the biological mother and child bond; you have to build it!

I am proud in the relationship and foundation that my step-kids and I are building. We are friends, but also creating the mother and son bond. The parent and child dynamic.

There is love. There is respect.

That’s Why They Call It Lunacy!

I’ve always been fascinated with full moons. They are big. They are bright. They are absolutely beautiful. Full moons light up the night sky like a giant flashlight for us. While a full moon is incredible, it does have intense affects on some people and especially those that have mental health issues. My mom LOVES full moons as well and always says “the crazies come out when there is a full moon”. She seems to get oddly excited about this and what could possibly happen.

I have experienced this lunacy affect on people. THE CRAZIES DO COME OUT!!

Some people’s minds cannot handle the affects of a full moon. Their mental state becomes unbalanced and their thought processes become distorted. What mental health issues they have are intensified. They are irrational, uncontrollable and some unable to properly function. They become what they are… a lunatic. Psycho.

All because of the full moon.

Lunatics cannot hide their mental issues during a full moon. The full moon seems to take over and put their mental health issues into the forefront. No matter how hard they try to be sane, they just cannot be.

I guess that is why they call it lunacy!

New Year, New Me?

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  • Lose Weight
  • Sleep More
  • Eat Out Less
  • Read

The New Year always brings New Year’s resolutions. Many of us want to lose weight, be healthier, read more books, save money… and I am no different. If you are like me, then every year goes by and so does that New Year’s resolutions. It was a great thought or idea, but it is never put into any real action. Of course in the month of January everyone is at the gym and their resolutions seem to be being executed perfectly…until February rolls around and it becomes a thing of the past.

I am guilty of this.

New Year’s resolutions are a way to change something of yourself that you do not like anymore. They can be very motivating with providing you with the feeling of β€œthis is my year!” However, how do you keep the momentum going?

YOU and no one else. You are the only person that can keep yourself motivated and on track to your goals. You are the only person who can hold yourself accountable. You have to wantto change. Change is one of the hardest things to do for people. Change is scary. Change is hard. But just imagine the possibilities when you successfully change and improve an aspect of yourself that you have wanted to change each and every year!

Make a New Year’s resolution this year and actually stick to it; not for anybody else, but for yourself. You will thank yourself later and just knowing you did it will make it all worth it.